Mark Skinner – Better prototypes for any problem

Prototypes are one of the most useful tools in the design process. They help with reducing risk, exploring ideas, validating concepts, and communication. But the common view of prototypes is too narrow, reducing their effectiveness and when they can be used. Varying the types of prototypes we make can vastly improves how we solve the problems we have and further reduces risks on our projects.

In this workshop, instead of talking about the latest prototyping tools, Mark will give you the techniques to ensure you create the right types of prototypes in your work. Through guided examples, you’ll learn to use the techniques yourselves, and be able to take them away for your problems.

About Mark

Mark is a Bristol-based service designer who has been improving customer experiences for the past 10 years. After joining cxpartners in 2013, he has gone on to lead projects across the globe for a variety of high profile clients.

Working across research, strategy and design – with a constant eye on how to learn the most from a quick and dirty prototype – Mark has helped organisations understand their customers, fix their processes, and deliver better services.