Kate Smith – Participatory techniques

What do we mean by participatory approaches? Are we talking about more than a range of ‘creative’ methods that get users actively involved? Or is there a lot more to it than that?

Have you ever been concerned that despite using creative research tools, users are still telling you what they think you want to hear? How can participatory approaches shift to a different dynamic where users share their true views, ideas and experiences.

Kate will share 25 years of experience of participatory approaches from the popular education and community development sector, where she has adopted them in a range of social, health, education, environmental projects throughout the world.

This workshop will share some techniques used in research, design, and evaluation in these sectors. And, most importantly, some key lessons and principles learnt from working with a wide range of users around the world including Afghan women in refugee camps, indigenous communities in Latin America, children who live on the street in the Philippines, African Diaspora FGM campaigners in the UK and teens with Autism in South Bristol.

About Kate
Specialising in participatory evaluation and research, Kate brings over 25 years of consultancy, project management, facilitation and training experience in the International Social Development sector.

In 17 countries worldwide, including the UK, she’s worked with numerous marginalised, ethnic and minority groups and a wide range of organisations (Voluntary Sector, International Donors, UN agencies, Governmental Organisations, International and grassroots NGO’s.)