Designing Ends

Ends presents a compelling story of society’s distancing of responsibility and why engaging with consumer off-boarding could be the answer to some of consumption’s biggest ills. Listen to Joe Macleod discuss his UXBristol workshop about ends…

Short Talks

In our final session, UXBristol participants were invited to give short, quick fire talks. With five minutes each on the clock, the following speakers shared their experiences…

Research Ops

With the user research community of practice maturing in the UK, research leaders are looking for ways to support researchers and enable them to work more effectively. Many are investing in a new layer called ‘Research Ops’.

Participatory Techniques

What do we mean by participatory approaches? Are we talking about more than a range of ‘creative’ methods that get users actively involved? Or is there a lot more to it than that?

Practical Design Principles

Design principles are a vital tool for designers to assist teams in decision-making and successfully meeting a common goal. In this workshop, Ben Brignall took a look at some real-world examples from brands, individuals and organisations, with focused, hands-on activities to help groups of participants create their own.