James Lock & Jack Ashdown – How to tell the right story

Join us if you want to…. solve big and small content challenges by effectively joining up your strategic and tactical planning whilst getting maximum value from your best creative minds and UCD practitioners.

We’ve been working with the Royal Navy for six years, and during this time we’ve had to balance what has sometimes felt like opposing forces to take both a user centred approach to design, whilst also demonstrating creative excellence, especially when producing content to support above the line activity.

In the past we used to take it in turns to let one discipline lead, it delivered the results we needed but it always felt that this was with too many compromises, and that there was definitely room for improvement.

By sharing the frameworks that we have developed, this session focusses on sharing how we have honed our content strategies to creatively deliver impact by meeting user needs.

The workshop will provide attendees with a practical appreciation of how to develop omni content frameworks that play to the strength of user centred designers and creatives.

We’ll do this by providing attendees with an experience map, a brand promise and an explanation of the channels that we need to develop content for. The first part of the workshop will focus on developing the narrative that will transport users from researchers to customers. We’ll cover off how to ensure it capitalises on user preferences and traverses the things that causes users problems. Informed by the decisions that we’ve just made, we will show how to identify your content creation priorities and use this as a way to decide which examples to work through for the remainder of the session. We’ll do this by sharing our content creation briefing document which always maps activities back to user needs, business outcomes and where the impact fits within the narrative.

About James

James is Head of UX at Great State, and a long time attendee of UXBristol.

About Jack

Jack is Creative Director at Great State (the agency formally known as e3). He considers himself a bit of a ‘hybrid’ – spanning the traditional roles of creative direction, design, and UI design with a firm footing in UX, CX and strategy. His career has seen him lead global campaigns for the likes of Nestlé and Amazon, manage flagship website and app developments for Universal, Santander and Orange and develop strategic omnichannel content and services for The Royal Navy and Honda.