Andrew Grimes – Designing interaction modes

Software can have manners. It can behave nicely. It can be considerate towards our needs, our context, our preferences, even our humanity. When our needs or context change, it can adapt accordingly, providing interaction patterns that match our changing circumstances.

I call these behaviours Interaction Modes (or Interaction Manners). They define a software’s personality: how we want our product or service to behave in a number of different contexts. As such they are critical to the delivery of great user experiences.

In this workshop we’ll look at loads of great examples of Interaction Modes, learn how to identify the moments when users need to shift gears and how to start crafting experiences that flex to match these shifts.

About Andrew

Andrew Grimes is user experience researcher and strategist with 15 years in digital. He also writes and has published an article about Interaction Modes on A List Apart Currently he is a UX Specialist at Nationwide Building Society. Prior to that he worked at Nomensa where his clients included: The National Trust, Liberty Global, NHSBT and Cambridge University Press.